Well hello there!

My name’s Gemma – I also go by the name @thedalythread over on Instagram, and now on my very own blog! I thought it was about time that I made the most of my little corner of the internet and started sharing my makes and creations.

I’ve always had an affinity for craft and I’ve been drawn to it ever since I was a child. I was lucky to have a Grandma who taught me how to do embroidery and a Granny that tried to teach me how to knit (even though she had a background in dressmaking!)

My passion now is very much sewing and dressmaking, and I love the sense of achievement you get from making your own clothes. I’m still relatively new to this as I only started dressmaking in early 2019. I have a lot to learn but I’m proud of my achievements so far!

Prior to dressmaking, I was really into weaving or tapestry as some may call it. We have several hanging up around our home and I found this a very therapeutic pass time. I’m sure if I ever need a change from sewing (not sure when that’ll be haha) I will pick this up again.

I’ve tried many other crafts in the past and I always want to do all the things!! I wonder if anyone else feels like that? I would love to be good at calligraphy as this is such a beautiful and useful craft. I have all the supplies, just not enough time to practice it. I’ve also tried my hand at needle punch (this is so cool and I wish I could pursue it further), needle felting, paper cutting, wire brooch making, and Pom Pom making. Who doesn’t need a Pom Pom in their life right!? Haha!

Needle punch

So what does craft mean to me? Well I guess it is an opportunity for me to use my creativity and it is a means of escapism. I can’t really describe how important I find this. Everyone needs that one thing (or several things if you’re lucky) to be passionate about and allow that passion to take you somewhere – my Dad always tells me that and I’m trying to live by it 😊 I also think there is something special about making something with your hands. In a time where technology is everything, using a sewing machine and being able to cut out fabric by hand is so satisfying.

Stay tuned for more crafty blogs – I imagine they will be mostly about sewing and dressmaking, but I’ll try and include other crafts here and there if that interests you! Please leave me a comment and let me know what your craft or hobby means to you and let me know if there’s an exciting craft I have yet to try! I would love that.

Until next time, take care and keep crafting 😉xx

One thought on “Well hello there!

  1. I’ve followed thedalythread on Instagram, and love the clothes you’ve sewn and shared on there. Looking forward to seeing more blogs on your talents.

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