Sewing for kids!

Hi everyone,

I’m back today with a little blog about sewing for kids. I’m aware that this may not be of interest to everyone, but I can assure you, if you have kids yourself or have any children in your life, then making something for them is not only super quick, it’s really fun!

I have a little boy who is two and we’re finally at the stage where he doesn’t grow out of clothes straight away (well not for a little while anyway) 😂 it’s a lot more rewarding knowing that a garment will last him a little longer now.

I’ve made him a few things so far….the first was a pair of tangerine trousers by Sew over it. This pattern ranges from ages 0-24months. It’s so simple, it’s literally two legs and a waistband. Just make sure you get the legs the right way round! 😂

Recently, I’ve been making a couple of Made By Jack’s Mum patterns, namely the Hot Chocolate jumper and the Explorer Raglan Tee. What can I say, I absolutely love these patterns!!! They are super simple but absolutely perfect for little people 😊

Hot chocolate jumper
Explorer Raglan Tee
Explorer Raglan Tee

My little man absolutely loves it when I make him something new – just look at that smile 😉

The amazing thing about both of these patterns is that they go up to age 12!!! That means I will be able to use them for many years to come.

I think the best thing about sewing for kids is how little fabric the patterns actually use. I can buy half a metre and get at least two, if not three garments out of it! Incredible 😊

I’ve just purchased the Made by Jacks Mum double trouble joggers and the free download of the lightning leggings, so I’m excited to try both of those!

As you’ve probably guessed, all of the items I’ve discussed are made from jersey fabrics – I find that this is the easiest thing to sew with for kids as it’s very stretchy and comfortable, perfect for all their “playing” needs 😂 obviously there are kids patterns out there that use woven fabrics, but for now I’m happy sticking to my jersey fabrics so that I can whip up something quick and comfortable.

I hope I’ve convinced you to make some garments for the little people in your life – you never know, giving them handmade clothing may make them appreciate garments a little more and show them that a lot of love goes into handmade items. You could be setting a great example for years to come 😉

Until next time, happy sewing x

Patterns mentioned:

Sew over it – tangerine trousers (

Made by jacks mum – hot chocolate jumper/top, lightning leggings, double trouble joggers, explorer raglan tee. (

Hot chocolate jumper made in monster truck french terry and black ribbing from the Makers Merchant. (

Explorer raglan tee made in dandelion jersey from Felicity Fabrics. (

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