A tale of two pretties – The Sage Brush top by Friday Pattern Company

Say hello to the best friend that I didn’t know I needed 😂 the sage brush top!

Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how cute this top is 😊 I mean check out those poofy sleeves and that little ruffle!!

When this pattern was first released, I wasn’t blown away, but the more versions I saw of it over on Instagram, I couldn’t resist buying it any longer!

One of the best things about the sage brush top is how versatile it can look when made in a variety of fabrics. I made my first version in a cotton gingham which means the sleeves have quite a bit of structure, but I had seen lots of versions in softer fabrics which means the drape is very different.

Construction wise, the Sage brush top is a really easy top to put together, but has a few interesting details. The little ruffle on the front is super easy – it’s just made by sewing some long gathering stitches and pulling them tighter to make a ruffle. It looks so pretty!

The only fiddley bit really is using the bias binding to finish the neckline. You have to catch the folded over binding by “stitching in the ditch” on the front side of the garment. If you don’t manage to catch it quite right, you can always go back over it or use a couple of hand stitches to secure the binding.

So on to my second version….

I made this one in a double gauze from Rico Designs – this fabric is on the expensive side but you definitely pay for the quality. It’s beautifully soft and isn’t crinkled like a lot of double gauzes I’ve seen. It’s super easy to cut and sew, and didn’t seem to stretch out of shape.

I decided to keep the sleeves as per the pattern on this one unlike the first version I did where I chopped about 8cm off. I think I like the longer sleeves to be honest but maybe not if they were more structured – I’ll just have to try it again and see! 😊 I made a size medium for both of my versions and it fits me perfectly.

I love to finish my makes off with a cute label – I used a kylie and the machine label here which says “size me.” 🥰

Overall, I absolutely love this pattern and can envisage many more versions in my wardrobe. I’ll have to experiment and see if I can make a long sleeve version to see me through autumn and winter 😊

Thanks for joining me on the blog today – I hope you have enjoyed what you’ve read! I hope to be back again soon with some more makes!

Take care and keep crafting!

Gemma X

Sky blue cotton gingham from – eternal maker (www.eternalmaker.com)

Rico designs cotton double gauze from – Studio Jepson (www.studiojepson.com)

Size me label from Kylie and the Machine (www.kylieandthemachine.shop)

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